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Movin' On
The first
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Rachael from LifeFX

WorldPerc is in production of "Movin' On w/=access". It is the first in a series of films exploring ways people with mobility issues can lead full, very productive lives using modern engineering. The series demonstrates current, ingenious solutions effective for people with various physical impairments. It begins with an introduction to a family-owned business, Absolute Mobility Center, which converts vehicles for =access. The series will also showcase developments in bionic transducers that enable people to control devices with mental activity.

WorldPerc is proud to mention the following sponsors of this series: Absolute Mobility Center, Northwest Orthotics and Prosthetics, Rose Street Service, and Robert Kaufman Fabrics.
Contact Jodi Rothfield Casting Associates, CSA for sponsorship opportunities. 206.721.3113.

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