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WorldPerc is in production of "Movin' On w/=access". It is the first in a series of films exploring ways people with mobility issues can lead full, very productive lives using modern engineering. The series demonstrates current, ingenious solutions effective for people with various physical impairments. It begins with an introduction to a family-owned business, Absolute Mobility Center, which converts vehicles for =access. The series will also showcase developments in bionic transducers that enable people to control devices with mental activity.

Casting begins Fall, 2006. The first calls are held at Jodi Rothfield Casting Associates, CSA, 1600 N Dexter Avenue, Suite A, Seattle, WA 98109. Appointments for Seattle casting are made by calling 206.448.0927.

Nationwide casting is made by email registration.

Go to: for instructions.
Email the required information to with MovinOn in the subject line.

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